Leadership Teamwork


Outdoor or Indoor Programmes?

Either or both are great choices!

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Our programmes are developed on firm evidence-based psychological and business theories and practices.


We partner with Human Synergistics International, a leading pioneer in quantifying organization development concepts including

  • Culture
  • Leadership Strategies and Impact
  • Group Processes and Synergy, and
  • Individual Thinking and Behavioural Styles.


Understanding that our behaviours impact others (Negatively or Positively), we help map or chart behaviours to desired outcomes and we monitor the development of behaviours with the use of distinct measurement of individual behaviour, group styles and organizational culture so that we can gauge their impact on Individual or Organizational Effectiveness and Growth  [read more on Measure OD]

Main Programmes (this list is not exhaustive, contact us for full programme details or topics not specified here)


Teambuilding Duration
Team Synergistic Circles (foster Collaboration, Synergy and Innovative Thinking in groups) through decision-making, communication and inter-personal dynamics) Minimum 4 hours; 1 full day or 2 full days
Leadership Impact Programme for Team Leaders, Supervisors and Managers (this is both a feedback system as well as a development guide to build strategies and techniques that leaders employ to cultivate long-term effectiveness) 1 full day or 2 full days
Best of Me (a personel effectiveness programme that empowers and guides individuals in developing a personal road map in goal setting, strengthening personal relations, taking risks and undertake personal responsibility in sustained self-growht 1 full day or 2 full days
Organizational & Culture
Building a Innovative and Collaborative Culture (an in-depth and comprehensive  programme that takes into consideration a range of internal and external factors that impact Management and its Leadership and the overall Culture of the organization) depends on company size