Measure OD


HSI measure
  • It answers the questions: "How are We Doing?" (as a group, company or individual)
  • Track and monitor development, progress, success or otherwise and sustained improvement
  • Capture and quantify "invisible" or intangible forces that affect or drive performance
  • Provide a framework to identify and discuss internal/external factors or behaviours that move the organization forward

Quest partners with Human Synergistics International, founded in 1971 by Clayton Laffery and Robert Cooke that has helped countless organizations - small, medium or large - in organizational development and change.  HSI is a pioneer in this field with their breakthrough "Circumplex" circular graph and a 3600 feedback tool that still stands the test of time and continues to provide relevant insight over 40 years since it was conceived. [more on history]

HSI founders

Key OD Measurements and their Applications

The Circumplex developed by Clayton Lafferty and Robert Cooke defines and illustrates the "inner compass" individuals, groups and organizations embrace in their search for Success and Fulfillment. The Circumplex is a dynamic force comprising of a combination of People & Tasks Orientation, Satisfaction and Security Needs - influencing a Constructive or Unconstructive Outcome in Life and Business.

The Circumplex is an underlying measure in all Individual, Team and Organisational Inventories and Programmes developed by Human Synergistics International. [click on photo for details]

Organizational Culture and Effectiveness Inventory that looks into Key HR and Operation factors such as:

  1. Difference between Preferred and Actual Operating Culture;
  2. Causal Factors (Structure, Systems, Technology Skills Qualities) and
  3. Effective Organization Outcomes

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Simulations provide a safe learning environment to develop Decision-making, Critical Thinking and Inter-personal Development.

Quest adopts HSI's simulations in a wide range of its training and faciliation programmes on Leadership and Teamwork that addresses current issues at work such as Disruptive Technology; Changing Processes/Skills & Abilities as well as Critical Thinking.

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