Meet the Team

Quest People Services is a boutique Human Resource Consultancy specialising in Leadership Communication and Wellness. We work with a team of accredited Human Synergistics Consultants and as well as certified counsellors, psychologists and therapists to provide quality programmes and services

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Founder, CEO and Senior Consultant

Singapore Relationship Manager, HSI Accredited Facilitator - Human Synergistics Australia.

Theresa Chin

M Counselling, Monash University;  MHRM, Murdoch University
Working Minds Facilitator

Theresa started leadership facilitation in the early 2000s under the CREST or Critical Enabling Skills programme launched by SPRING. She continues to provide leadership facilitation as Leadership is a highly dynamic enabling force and process in all organizations. She applies Humanistic Psychology principles in group dynamics, inter-personal relationships and personal growth.

Haizea Moreno

Language, Translation and Communications Degree, Universidad de Granada, Spain

She is a collaborative coach with a particular interest in helping individuals, teams and leaders to improve their ability to meet current and future business challenges, as well as to adapt and evolve their leadership behaviors and approaches to be more effective and to remove barriers to future success.