Team Mindfulness Workshop

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Master New Technology (Digital Photography) Through Group Mindfulness - in 2 sessions


One way of overcoming fear of new technology is to find support in a group of individuals that use combined group learning in understanding change and discovering new ways of doing things.

Benefits and evidence of Group Learning:

1) Peer teaching promotes self-esteem, belonging and sense of community

2) Group learning allows individuals to exchange ideas making the learning process more meaningful

3) Individuals can gain insights from “high achievers” in the group, adopt good learning practices besides being intellectually challenged

Digital Photography is chosen as the metaphor of new technology which may appear complicated or difficult to master alone but learning becomes enjoyable, relevant to life and work when undertaken within group learning.


1)      Ignite Team Synergy

2)      Develop constructive Work Relations and Group Dynamics

3)      Promote Better Decision Making through Consensus Building

4)      Adopt Socially Cohesive Behavioural  Approaches or Strategies that build Team Success

5)      Improve Resilience by Adopting Change through Individual and Group Mindfulness

6)      Adopt benefits of Individual and Group Mindfulness through Practise and Techniques

7)      Raise Self-Esteem and Bolster Self-Mastery and Confidence in Continuous Learning

Session 1:

  • Understanding Mindfulness, Practice and Benefits
  • Group Mindfulness Activities
  • GoPro Tutorial
  • Digital Storytelling Project

Session 2:

  • Review Digital Storytelling Project
  • Examine Behavioural Styles that impact Group Mindfulness
  • Discussion on Behavioural Strategies that overcome conflict and promote collaboration
  • Review Mindfulness Techniques of Awareness, Compassion and Empathy