Wellness at Work

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Administering the appropriate level of benefits together with compensation allows an organization to Motivate Employees and provide Employee Satisfaction that fosters Performance amongst its employees.  Employees work harder and innovate when they are cared for by their Employers. [Source: Boundless. “Employee Benefits Management.” 26 May. 2016]

Quest provides a range of workplace wellness services:

  1. Employee Assistance Services/Programmes
  2. Wellness Talks and Workshops
  3. Leadership/Communication/Wellness Retreats for employees and management (indoor or outdoor)
  4. Consultancy to organizations to formulate Wellness Policies and train management in constructive Employee Engagement practices
Our Wellness Topics Duration
1 Mindfulness without Meditation - Promote clarity and focus through simple acts or exercises as an alternative to Meditation Available as lunchtime talk or longer wellness activity
2 Ready and Recharge for Life and Work - Develop the 5 important "anchors" that promote mental and physical well-being lunchtime talk or wellness activity
3 People Who Need People (Forming Strong and Healthy Relationships) - Exploring social intelligencce and our ability to connect with others to build strong trusting relationships lunchtime talk or wellness activity
4 Look at the Bright Side of Life - Examining our belief system and how to strengthen it to be resilient lunchtime talk or wellness activity
5 Teaming or Communication Retreats - A comprehensive workshop to identify and build constructive behavioural outcomes that enable and sustain collaborative and productive relationships Full day to 2 day sessions


We make our activities as experiential as possible and we incorporate other methodologies such as Gardening, Craft, Art or Music Therapy Interventions - all of which we can explore with you to make your Wellness at Work a success.

Workplace Tip

How to provide a Supportive Work Environment

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Encourage health assessments, management training on good psychological approaches to decision-making/work relationships and having a current organization wellness policy

Organize fun and experiential indoor/outdoor activities or workshops relating to Fitness, Optimum Weight Management, Exercise, Mental Health and Ergonomics

Enable some form of Employee Assistance Interventions such as workplace counselling and post-crisis critical incident management